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About us

DE-ELECTRONIC is located in Zagreb, has been operating since 1993 and many institutional clients have been convinced in our quality work. Our work includes, among others, installation and maintenance of clock systems for displaying time and control of electric school bells, synchronous SMART analogue and digital clocks, audio and video intercoms, video surveillance, and antenna systems for buildings.

We enjoy our work

As educated electronic technicians, our world consists of electrical assemblies, transistors, radio waves and chips.

We are particularly interested in correct display of time and therefore we have timing devices that are synchronized with the atomic clock at FRANKFURT and all of our clocks are synchronized over their long-range whole Europe’s transmitter.

We have developed our own automated solutions for correct time marking in institutions that are of particular importance (e.g. schools, manufacturing plants that works in shifts, etc.).

Our watches automatically adjust when Daylight Saving Time occurs in spring and when Daylight Saving Time ends in fall. They can also have a SMART analog clock drive interface. Regular ringing tables have up to 34 places with 3 or 5 seconds of ring duration. Shortened ringing tables have up to 26 places, also, with 3 or 5 seconds duration.


Our employees graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and spent their entire life in the world of electrical engineering.

Qualitative solutions

In your premises, we have built-in verified system solutions that are maintained regularly.

Quick response

In case of unforeseen and sudden technical problems, our employees are always at your disposal and will assist you in installing or troubleshooting the normal functioning of your system.


On all embedded components and work are guaranteed up to 1 year.

What we offer you

Our products are classified into the following categories depending on their purpose.

Our projects and products

We are focused on the world of electric clocks and we are installing and maintaining them in your premises.

The way we do it

The activities that we propose for the best solution consist of the following.


Informative conversation

The purpose of this conversation is to discover the actual client's needs with regard to the solutions that we can offer.


Surveying & recoring of location

Recognizing and capturing the location on which we will implement our solutions is necessary to gain an impression of space and to determine the exact range of equipment that is required for proper functioning of the system.


Installation and maintenance

When installing and testing the system, periodic visits to the site are followed to anticipate possible technical malfunctions, if so agreed.

The best solutions for you

For time controlling and timing, video surveillance and sound transfer.

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